Clinical Informatics & Support Specialist

Clinical Informatics & Support Specialist

Who you are.

You are passionate about solving real problems for real people. You are a licensed healthcare professional who is professionally trained in the world of clinical informatics. You believe that good data is an essential element of good software. You are a listener. You are analytical.

You are happiest when you are working on a variety of different projects and are comfortable managing changing priorities. You like to research and to write. You have a growth mindset, are naturally curious, and seek continuous learning in everything you do.

What you'll do.

Healthcare professionals are busy, always on the go, and fatigued from the industry norm of hard-to-use tech that rarely works from their phone. An employer's success in healthcare staffing often comes down to who can move the workforce the fastest through the hiring flow.

A significant portion of this fatigue and slowdown is a direct result of the poor and inconsistent data practices that are commonplace across technology platforms in the healthcare staffing industry today. Kamana is passionate about changing this for good, for the entire industry.

You'll work across our engineering, design, customer experience and marketing teams to uphold this passion and maintain the integrity of clinical information across the Kamana platform. To accomplish this, you'll do things like:

  • research, plan, analyze, and maintain best practices for all clinical information within the Kamana platform, such as profession and speciality data, clinical licenses, certifications, medical information, clinical skills, and other credentialing and compliance requirements
  • work across our product, experience, and marketing teams to ensure all clinical information within the platform, website, marketing and support materials, etc. is communicated with accuracy, in a way that resonates with healthcare professionals and employers
  • investigate and respond to support requests that involve clinical questions or information, then document user feedback, feature requests, and bug reports from a variety of source
  • help plan, facilitate, and manage clinical informatics internship programs
  • collaborate across our product, experience, and marketing teams on special projects

What you've done before.

You have experience working as a clinical healthcare professional, during which time you have:

  • been responsible for the organization and management of clinical data in some capacity
  • developed strong analytical and quantitative skills with the ability to use data and to back up assumptions, recommendations, and drive actions
  • developed above-average skills communicating to technical and non technical audiences
  • demonstrated the ability to interpret, analyze and design clinical systems, data & information

It'd be cool if you've done this.

A degree in clinical Informatics is preferred. Having been on the ground floor of a fast growing software startup, with a desire to repeat this journey, will set you apart from other candidates. A background in the healthcare staffing industry would also help get you to the top of the list.

Salary, benefits, & how we work.

This is a full time exempt position with an expected salary of $74,000 - 84,000/year.


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How can I apply?

Click here to apply. Be sure to tell us a bit about yourself and share some links to help us learn more about you and your work (LinkedIn, personal website, online resume, etc.).


Open to US based applicants only.


Kamana is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, age, national origin, religion, physical or mental handicaps or disabilities, marital status, Veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity nor any other basis prohibited by law.